Suho’s Latest Instagram Post Is Reminding Everyone He’s A Major IU Fanboy

Suho is a true Uaena!

Although Suho first traveled to Italy for business, he’s been spending lots of time seeing the sights and enjoying different parts of the country. While there, he also had time to show off his love for one of his favorite artists, IU!


Fans have known that Suho is a fan of IU for a long time. At MAMA 2013, cameras caught him singing along to IU’s “Red Shoes”…


In 2018, when IU won on Music Core with “BBIBBI” Suho was one of the first to dance along…


And when his fellow EXO members let him down with their knowledge of IU songs during EXO Arcade, he was pretty vocal about it!


While there has never been any doubt that Suho is a true Uaena, his latest post on Instagram has been reminding everyone of his love for the singer! As Suho has been traveling through Italy he’s been posting photos and video of his time there and one of his most recent posts is from Venice.


With Suho traveling along a canal, he gives off some major feel-good vibes, but fans suddenly realized exactly where Suho was! He was in the exact same place IU filmed her “Every End of the Day” MV!


Upon noticing fans have been expressing their love for Uaena Suho and calling him a successful fan! Successful indeed!