NCT’s Johnny Once Revealed EXO’s Suho Made Him Cry When He Was Younger

It’s not what you think!

It’s hard to imagine a that such a warm-hearted guy like EXO‘s Suho could make anyone cry, but during one live radio program, NCT‘s Johnny revealed that Suho had brought tears to his eyes when he was still a trainee.


During an episode of SBS Power FM’s “NCT’s Night Night”, Johnny revealed that Suho had once made him cry. He first started by explaining that Suho had been tough on him at the time.

“I think Suho was especially tough on me.”

— Johnny


Then Suho added his own thoughts on the event.

“I told Johnny about a lot of things and I think he got upset. I might have been a little harsh with my words but I also said a lot of good things too. I think he was thankful because of those words and cried due to a mix of emotions.”

— Suho


But Johnny hadn’t revealed the real reason he was brought to tears yet. It was because it was like Suho had become Johnny’s real brother!

“I was young and it was important for me to be taught. Suho hyung taught me a lot and he actually did tell me a lot of good things. At that time he was just like my real brother.”

— Johnny


And Suho commented back with how proud he was of how far Johnny had come.

“I need to teach more hoobaes from now on. I’m proud because Johnny is doing so well.”

— Suho


And despite the fact that Suho made Johnny cry, the two have an unbreakable bond that fans love!