EXO’s Suho Was Named As The Reason This Rookie Idol Became An Idol

He wants to lead his group just like Suho!

There are plenty of reasons to love EXO‘s Suho. He’s got the voice of an angel, his dance skills are top-notch, he’s got visuals for days, a sweet personality, and leadership skills for days. He’s always had the hearts of EXO-Ls and now there’s one more person who has shown some major love for him!


In a recent interview with NewKidd, each of the members was asked why they had wanted to become a singer and the group’s leader Jinkwon named EXO as the source of his inspiration!

When I was in middle school, I learned about idol singers after watching EXO Showtime. I used to watch the members and I remember thinking about how happy they looked.

— Jinkwon


Jinkwon also specifically mentioned Suho as his inspiration…

When I saw them I wanted to be in a group. Their leader, Suho sunbaenim, always looked so cool!

— Jinkwon


And said he would like become a leader like Suho!

I will try to be the best leader for Newkidd!

— Jinkwon


Jinkwon’s confession has been making EXO-Ls ecstatic especially knowing that Suho is getting some sweet recognition from his hoobaes!