News Sites Claimed EXO’s Suho Is Bollywood Sweetheart’s Crush And The Internet Has No Idea What’s Going On

Netizens can’t agree whether it’s real or not but they can agree about one thing:

EXO‘s Suho is no stranger to capturing hearts and taking the world by storm but EXO-Ls in India have been surprised by just how much attention Suho has been receiving lately and for a very interesting reason.


Suho recently rocked the boat big time in India when newspapers, online news sources, and even television programs started reporting that the daughter of famous Bollywood actor Shah Rukh KhanSuhana Khan, had a huge crush on Suho.


Suhana allegedly revealed that she had a crush on Suho and wanted to date him during an online question and answer session with her fans.


Suhana Khan has stolen the hearts of many and has a big fanbase of her own so this news was a pretty big deal!


The only problem is, the account might not actually be hers! Many fans have been saying that the account is actually a fan account for Suhanna and not her real account.


But the jury is still out because the more the media has been reporting on it the more fans are convinced it actually was Suhana and some fans have even come up with evidence that it really could be her.


Although netizens still have no idea what’s going on and can’t agree on whether the news is real or fake, there is something that everyone has agreed on and that’s their love for Suho!


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