EXO’s Suho Had No Idea What Effect Running His Fingers Through His Hair Would Have Our Hearts

He had absolutely no idea:

EXO‘s Suho may not know what kind of effect he has on everyone but he just found out!


EXO brought bringing some serious heat to the stage during their EXO Planet #5: EXplOration concerts in Seoul and while fans were left feeling seriously attacked thanks to their amazing performances, one simple action from Suho knocked everyone out!


During the first ment of their July 27 concert, EXO were talking to fans when suddenly the camera focused on Suho just as he began running his fingers through his hair.


His actions immediately had the whole crowd cheering loudly but Suho had no idea why! In fact, he asked fans why they were cheering and wondered aloud if it was because of him!

Why? Why? Is it because of me?

— Suho


And when EXO-Ls gave back a resounding yes, Suho was surprised and even let out a little “huh!”


Looks like Suho still has no idea just what he does to all our hearts! Check out the heartstopping moment in the fancam below: