Here Is How Popular EXO’s Suho Was In Highschool — And Why He’s Still Salty About Losing The School President Election

He was last place in the election results 😂

EXO‘s Suho has been hard at work promoting his new solo comeback, “Grey Suit,” and a recent interview revealed a hilarious episode from his past. Not only did Suho run for school president with a huge following, but he’s still salty about the election results!

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Suho made a guest appearance on Winter Bookstore. It turns out that the host, Kim Winter, is a former schoolmate of his, and she remembers his failed run for school president, which was a memory that Suho seemed to find slightly embarrassing.

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Suho explained what his reasoning for running had been, hilariously emphasizing that, while many celebrities were school presidents, he had“actually had a truthful ambition.”

According to Suho, he thought he had a high chance of winning because he had considerably large group ‘election group.’ Where other candidates normally had a couple of staunch supporters…Suho was followed around the school by 50.

And the reason why he was so popular wasn’t just because he was a celebrity! Suho was part of a dance group in highschool, where he says there were plenty of extroverts that he was friends with. Given this show of support, Suho had been confident he would make it. But it as it turns out, only those friends had voted for him in the whole school!

Even Suho’s close friend had failed to vote for him, tellig Suho that, thinking he would win anyway, they had felt bad about leaving the other candidates with no votes. But what Suho still feels salty about is that it seems like most of the school had thought he was simply doing it for his own good as a celebrity.

Ultimately, Suho came in last with his 65 friends’ votes, while the rest of his school voted for the others either out of pity or because they thought he’d win anyway. Yet, even though he didn’t win, one thing is clear: Suho was definitely one popular extrovert king!

You can watch the full clip on the link below.