EXO’s Suho Revealed He’ll Be Visiting Xiumin Soon And Made A Sweet Promise To Fans

He promised EXO-Ls to do something special while he’s with Xiumin:

EXO‘s Suho recently surprised fans with a livestream and made everyone’s heart melt when he not only gave some love to his fellow members but also revealed he will be making a visit to see Xiumin very soon!


Suho recently went live on Instagram and had fun talking and interacting with fans. But Suho also surprised fans with a couple of sweet words about his fellow EXO members. As EXO are preparing for a very busy upcoming couple of months, Suho started off by promoting Baekhyun‘s solo as well as Chanyeol and Sehun‘s upcoming subunit!

Our Baekhyunnie, Chanyeol, and Sehunnie will be releasing their albums. Ah! They’re really good!

— Suho


Next, Suho also took the time to soothe fans hearts about D.O.‘s upcoming military enlistment.

Sadly, our member D.O. will be enlisting in July but EXO is always one!

— Suho


Then Suho dropped some big news. He revealed that he has been planning on going to see Xiumin soon and promised fans that he will be taking lots of photos with his hyung to share with EXO-Ls.

I’ll be going to meet Xiumin soon. I’m going soon and I’ll be taking a lot of photos. Please, wait for a little bit!

— Suho


Hearing Suho’s words, many EXO-Ls are feeling very touched and have been expressing their love for him!

Suho really is the sweetest!