EXO’s Suho Went To Get His Mic Fixed And Sehun Took The Opportunity To Tease EXO-Ls

Suho can’t leave EXO alone for one minute!

When Suho is away, even if he’s only gone for a couple of seconds, you’re never really sure what kind of mischief the rest of the EXO members will get into. So when Suho popped backstage during a recent concert, well, let’s just say Sehun didn’t let the opportunity pass!

During EXO’s recent EXO Planet #5: EXplOration concert in Seoul, Suho was having a bit of trouble with his microphone. So while he left his members on stage to have fun and interact with EXO-Ls, he quickly headed backstage to get the problem sorted out.

junmyeon 1

The only problem was, he forgot just how much his members love to get into mischief. The minute he disappeared, Baekhyun encouraged Sehun to say a little something to EXO-Ls. Of course, Sehun was only too happy to say little something to EXO-Ls. Except, he couldn’t help teasing them a little by asking them a question about their dress code which in turn had them cracking up hard!

Were you guys embarrassed when you came here dressed like that?

— Sehun

Right after fans had a good laugh thanks to Sehun’s question, Suho made his return…

He’s back!

— Chanyeol

And Sehun had everyone in fits of laughter once again when he asked everyone to forget what he had just said!

Oh, he’s back? What a relief! Please, pretend you didn’t hear that!

— Sehun


Looks like Suho can’t leave his members alone for one minute without them getting into a little bit of hilarious trouble!

. . .