EXO’s Suho Teased Sehun For Not Knowing About EXO-Ls Dress Code But He Got His Sweet Revenge

Sehun got his sweet, sweet revenge!

EXO‘s Suho knew all about EXO-Ls’ special concert dress code and couldn’t help teasing Sehun for not knowing about it but soon enough, Sehun got his own sweet revenge!


EXO-Ls put together a special dress code to celebrate the 6-day long EXO Planet #5: EXplOration concert in Seoul. With each day showcasing a new theme and new colors, EXO-Ls literally wore their love for EXO on their sleeves!


And EXO were 100% blown away by the sight of their fans dressing for them! In fact, the first day of their concert Sehun couldn’t believe his eyes and wondered aloud how fans had managed to pull off the feat.

Wow! How did all of you match the dress code?

— Sehun


Unfortunately for him, his question left him open to some serious teasing from Suho. Because while Sehun might not have known about the dress code, Suho had seen the posts on Twitter about the code and simply couldn’t help himself!

Don’t you use Twitter?

— Suho


The next day, however, Suho forgot to check the theme of the day and told fans as much. And when Chanyeol stepped in to ask EXO-Ls to show them…

Ah! Please show it to us once again for Suho hyung!

— Chanyeol


Sehun realized it was the perfect time for his sweet, sweet revenge on Suho and his twitter teasing!

You can just see it on Twitter!

— Sehun


With so much teasing going on, there’s no doubt that Sehun and Suho will both be checking Twitter on the regular!