WINNER’s Mino And EXO’s Suho And Sehun Made Everyone Soft With Their Latest Interaction

WINEXO fans are truly winning!

The SBS Super Concert always boasts a ton of heart-stopping performances, amazing experiences, and of course, the opportunity to spot idol friends from different groups interacting! And this year’s concert was no exception especially when it came to WINNER and EXO interactions.


On July 6, after the idols and groups blew everyone away with their stunning performances, all the artists gathered for a final stage. While they walked and greeted their fans, WINEXO fans got a special treat when Suho and Mino spotted each other and then proceeded to give each other a warm hug!


But that wasn’t the only interaction that fans spotted! After everyone had regathered back on the main stage, Mino and Sehun could be seen having a conversation while Suho leaned in to hear too!


Although the moments were quick, they’re also incredibly sweet and fans are absolutely loving the two moments!


Hopefully, we’ll get to see even more WINEXO moments soon because these two moments were too cute!