EXO’s Suho Shares His Intimate Thoughts On A New Magazine Interview

“EXO members are my family now”

EXO’s Suho shared his intimate thoughts for his LEON Korea interview and talked about the pressure of being EXO’s leader.

Suho was featured in the magazine as the ‘Young Leon of the Year’ and shared his dreams as EXO’s leader and up-and-coming actor.

The interview began with Suho’s definition of Youth. Suho shared he considers anyone who continues to dream as young and youthful. He admired how those people stay passionate and active to keep growing and added he dreams for the future as well.

“I always have dreams. It’s nothing big or spectacular. I always try to set a definite goal and plan carefully to achieve them one step at a time.”

He continued, “I have many dreams. First, the biggest goal is to continue working with EXO members for many years to come. I wish to release albums periodically and have concerts to meet with our fans. I also want to be more active in Musicals. It would be great to appear on Broadway or start working in Hollywood.”

Suho also shared working towards for his goals act as the source of his energy as EXO’s leader. “As we head into our 8th year as a group, I feel responsible for the position. But it also works as a motivation. I want to meet the expectations of myself, fans and many others. I sometimes do feel overwhelmed, but the positive pressure keeps me going”

He chose his time with EXO members and his friends from school as his most comfortable space. He explained he considers EXO members as part of his family, and he feels he can be himself when he is with his school friends. He releases his stress by traveling with his friends because he can spend that time as ‘Kim Jun-myeon’ instead of ‘Suho’.

Suho finished the interview by sharing his goals of 2019. “Since EXO released our repackaged album ‘Love Shot’ last December, I want to meet the fans through our concert. On a personal note, I wrote stories I want to share as lyrics and I hope to share them sometime in the future. I also want to be in one of movie, drama or musical as an actor. It’s only the beginning for me and 2019.”


Source: LEON Korea