EXO’s Suho Once Visited India And Thought A Fan Recognized Him—Only To Be Sorely Mistaken

His reaction is unforgettable 😂

People always scramble to get a picture with EXO‘s Suho—one of the most popular idols in the industry—but the tables turned when he was asked to take a stranger’s picture instead!

Back in 2015, several popular male idols visited India for a variety show. They were tasked with making a news report about the country to win a chance to appear on a news program.

Suho and SHINee‘s Minho walked around a busy square together to gather information.

Out of nowhere, Suho was approached by a man. Suho may have thought he was finally recognized by a fan.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t have been more mistaken! The man simply wanted Suho to take his picture.

Naturally, Suho was taken aback at first because he expected the opposite, but he politely obliged and started taking the job very seriously.

True to his hard working and kind personality, he exerted great effort the entire time he was taking pictures! He painstakingly took each shot to the best of his abilities.

Hilariously, Minho and the staff alike couldn’t hold back their laughter.

Minho even quipped, “You are watching an EXO member take someone’s photo.

Minho, however, eventually had enough of being a bystander when he saw that Suho didn’t know how to zoom out.

He offered to do it in Suho’s stead, and the man was happy to make the switch.

And that was how two of Korea’s top idols took a stranger’s picture—perhaps for the first time since their careers began.

It was definitely an experience they will never forget!

Watch the funny moment in the full clip below.

Source: YouTube