Suho Was Spotted Sporting Some Tattoos At EXO’s Concert And Everyone Is Feeling Very Attacked

Suho went straight for our hearts with his temporary tattoos:

First, Suho attacked us all with his super sexy solo stage and then he came at us again with some temporary tattoos and we are definitely not okay!


EXO just kicked off their EXO Planet #5: EXplOration tour and definitely brought the heat. Their first day in Seoul proved to be bad for all our hearts with their flawless performances, amazing interactions, and the special surprises they had up their sleeves!


And speaking of sleeves, when Suho wore a sleeveless shirt on stage fans got their first look at one of those surprises! Because when Suho went sleeveless, fans spotted a sweeping tattoo design on his arm and shoulder!


That arm tattoo wasn’t the only one sighted, however. When Suho dove into his super sexy solo stage, fans caught a better look at the tattoo…


As well as a different ink on his back!


Thanks to his fellow EXO members, fans caught a closer look at his special back design during EXO’s ment!


And besides making everyone’s heart skip an extra beat or two, Suho’s tattoo warmed everyone’s heart because it included all of the EXO members’ names as well as EXO-Ls!


Soon after the concert, Suho’s new look gained a whole lot of attention and he quickly trended worldwide!


And although Suho’s tattoos were temporary, fans are definitely crossing their fingers that he sports them again during another concert!