Sunmi And EXO’s Suho Blessed Everyone With The Sweetest Interaction

It may have been quick but fans are loving it.

When fans first found out that Sunmi and EXO’s Suho were going to be attending the Off-White Illustration event, they were crossing their fingers for some kind of interaction between the two and luckily it came true!


On May 24, Suho and Sunmi stunned on the red carpet at the event. Both of them looked as flawless as ever and showed just how fashionable they are!


But It wasn’t just their visuals that caught attention, it was also the interaction the two were caught having. While fans did get to see the two of them in videos together for Elle and High Cut magazine…


It was the interaction the two shared as Suho left the venue that really captured everyone’s heart! As Suho was leaving and heading towards his van, he passed Sunmi and immediately bowed to her.


Sunmi bowed back and the two continued to bow to each other until Suho was only a few steps from his vehicle!


Although the moment only lasted for a few quick seconds, fans have absolutely been loving the rare interaction between these two!


The interaction was extremely cute! Here’s hoping we’ll get to see more interactions between Sunmi and Suho in the future!