The Truth Behind EXO Suho’s Strange Yet Adorable Airport Behavior Has Finally Been Revealed

Hint: It was all a matter of fortune.

Back in November, EXO‘s Suho was caught putting on quite the performance for crowds at the airport.


Doing flips, tumbles, and adorable poses, he quickly captured everyone’s attention.


At the time, fans were certain that Suho must have been facing some sort of punishment based on Chanyeol’s recording of the whole thing, but nobody was certain…until now that is!


During the latest episode of Travel Around the World on EXO’s Ladder, fans finally got to see the other side of the camera!


Suho’s adorable behavior was all because he was unfortunate enough to lose the ladder of fortune game.


Only this time around we got to see more of Suho’s cute embarrassed side…


Along with the members’ reactions to Suho’s tricks!


Although Suho may have lost the challenge, he successfully won the hearts of everyone who saw the performance both the first time and the second!