Here’s Proof That EXO’s Suho Is The Ultimate Red Velvet Stan

He’s the true president of ReVeluvs

EXO-Ls and ReVeluvs often joke that EXO‘s Suho is the sixth member of Red Velvet as well as the president of their fanclub. After all, he’s been caught dancing and singing along to their songs…


On more than one occasion!


He always cheers loudly for the group, no matter the occasion!


And he always making hearts melt with his adorable interactions with the girls!


While there is already plenty of evidence that proves Suho would fit right in with the girl group…

Netizens Spot EXO Suho And Red Velvet Seulgi’s Interaction At 2018 SBS Gayo Daejeon


And may just be their fanclub president, EXO-Ls believe they’ve found ultimate piece of evidence that Suho really is Red Velvet’s number one fan!


On December 25, Red Velvet posted a very glamorous picture of Yeri posing on a motorbike wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.


While the picture itself is very eye-catching, there was one particular comment underneath that some eagle-eyed EXO-Ls spotted and it was from, you guessed it, Suho!

“That’s my motorbike…”



Since fans first spotted the comment, fans have been gushing over how cute Suho’s love for Red Velvet is.


While also pointing out that it’s to be expected of Red Velvet’s president!



But some fans think it’s also the ultimate proof that he’s 100% a ReVeluv!


Because Suho saw the post and posted the comment even though he’s not actually following the group!

Currently, Suho only follows EXO’s official page as well as the other EXO members who have their own Instagrams!


And because of this, they were even happier to see that he got a response from his favorite group!


But that’s just all in a day’s work for Red Velvet’s ultimate fan!