Yoon Jong Shin Gave A Very Playful Answer To EXO Suho’s Request To Work Together

Fans are loving his response:

EXO‘s Suho recently appeared as a guest on KBS‘s Jung Eunji’s Music Plaza where he talked about everything from his own friendship with Eunji to EXO’s meeting with President Trump.


Besides opening up about his friendships and political meetings, Suho also mentioned singer-songwriter Yoon Jong Shin. Suho expressed how Yoon Jong Shin’s monthly releases match well with him and expressed his desire to work with him!

’Monthly Yoon Jong Shin’ matches well with me. It would be great if we could compose or work together in the future.

— Suho


In fact, Suho’s words on the subject even sparked some articles on the topic…


Which in turn, led to a playful response from Yoon Jong Shin himself! Shortly after the articles were published, he took a screenshot of one and posted it to Instagram along with a caption just for Suho!

Sir, please stop by our shop… We will give you a full account while you look through the catalog… #ManyKindsofMusic #PleasantEnvironment #WideParkingLot #Suho #MonthlyYoonJongShin #Reservation


But the moment didn’t stop there because Suho saw the post and left a reply back for Jong Shin.


Lyricist Kim Eana also saw the post and couldn’t help but leave her own adorable comment under the post.


Which both Jong Shin and Suho just had to respond too!


The moment immediately captured the attention of fans who not only love the moment but sincerely hope a collaboration happens. Here’s hoping we really will get a collaboration soon!