EXO’s Suho Reveals His Solo Album Expresses All 30 Years Of Himself

This album is an expression of himself.

On April 1, a video was posted through the Naver live stream platform V LIVE and revealed a short interview with EXO’s Suho regarding his new album release.

His manager asked him a series of questions about his current thoughts and the story behind his new album.

After finishing his musical The Man Who Laughs, he has been preparing for his album and had been working on the lyrics way beforehand as well. He worked on the lyrics in more detail in order to prepare for the album.

When asked what the vibe was for the music video “Let’s Love,” he pictured it to feel a bit like spring. Initially, he wanted to film the video outside with the cherry blossoms, but later decided that instead of taking a direct approach, he wanted to go for a more indirect route to express this song.

This is his first solo album in eight years and he believes that this album contains all eight years of Suho and thirty years of Kim Junmyeon in it.

His manager also asks if his voice hurts from singing so much and Suho answers right away, saying that he has to rest as well because he can’t even talk after doing a show.

He gives tips to drink a lot of water as well as propolis as it is good for you. He also mentions balloon flower and ginger tea to help soothe the throat as well.

He adds that you need to control the humidity well so that your throat doesn’t get to dry.

Watch the full interview below!