EXO-Ls Are Shading EXO Suho’s Flower Jacket And It’s Hilarious But True…

“Calling my grandma to see if she’s missing her couch”

On January 16 KST, EXO members were in Incheon International Airport to attend SM TOWN SPECIAL STAGE in SANTIAGO.

As always, the photos and videos of the members arriving at the airport were shared instantly via social media and new articles.

While fans admired most of the members’ airport fashion, they were definitely not ready for Suho‘s flower print jacket.

While some fans did not approve his bold fashion choice,

Some pointed out it was different and Suho’s handsomeness can make anything look good.

But the funniest reactions were fans comparing Suho’s jacket to upholsteries at their grandma’s house.


Suho’s jacket was so eye-catching, even Xiumin couldn’t keep his hands off of it.

You know you made the right choice when you make your fans to have so many feels about a jacket.

You can see all of the members’ airport fashion here: