EXO Suho’s Uplifting Message Let Fans Know That Everything Is Going To Be Alright

Fans are coming together to support the group.

After breaking news of EXO Chen‘s marriage and soon-to-be born child, fans have showed different reactions to the news. While some were happy for him and supported the news, some felt betrayed by him. Fans began posting photos and evidence online revealing hints from the past that showed that Chen had been in a relationship all this time.


Things have gotten more serious with fans starting to boycott Chen and have created official statements demanding that he withdraw from the group.


Amidst all the controversy reading the news, EXO-L’s have tried to stay positive by posting hashtags online to support the boys. The hashtag #AlwaysWithEXO trended number one worldwide, giving fans hope that they would get through this hard time.


Member Suho also recently posted on his Instagram story and left a message that touched fans’ hearts. It read, “Our relationship is now at a point where we don’t have to speak because a hand sign is enough to know everything.” 


EXO-L’s have all started to post the hand sign online to show their support for the group.









Fans are happy to see that the members are staying positive and showing their love for the fans.

Sehun‘s recent Instagram live also touched many fans hearts as he wished all the fans to be happy and well.


Fans trust that EXO will get through this time together with EXO-L’s continuous support!