EXO’s Sunbaes Have Revealed What Kind Of Person Kai Really Is

Kai really is someone we can all love.

EXO‘s Kai is the kind of guy you just can’t help but love. Fans have always noticed how amazing Kai really is. It’s never been just his vocals or dance skills that have captured everyone’s heart but his kind, caring, and sweet personality.


It’s not just fans who have fallen for Kai, though. Throughout the years, Kai has gotten to work with many different people and he’s won them all over. One of those that he quickly won the heart of was TVXQ’s Yunho. Suho once mentioned that he was even jealous of all the attention Yunho gave to Kai.


Kai also made Super Junior’s Ryeowook fall for him. In an episode of Super Idol Chart Show, Ryeowook revealed he thought Kai was an incredibly nice guy.

“Kai is a really nice guy. He’s really nice. He may look tough and doesn’t seem like a person who talks a lot, but he actually has a lot of aegyo and his personality is really nice.”

— Ryeowook


Of course, SM Entertainment idols aren’t the only ones who have been blown away by Kai’s sweet and caring personality. When Kai had his first appearance on Running Man he left quite the impression on Ji Suk Jin.

“You guys are handsome! You guys are nice.! EXO Sehun and Kai.”

— Ji Suk Jin


And not only did Nylon Korea post a very sweet, although very long, hashtag about Kai after his cover photo shoot in 2015…

“We decided to reveal this cover in advance for all of Kai’s fans who waited for the magazine to be out. The September edition has already been released on the internet and the hard copies will be out soon. #NylonSeptemberEdition #Kai #KaiCover #Nini #NylonTV #PleaseLookForwardToTheInterviewWithNiniWhoHasNicePersonalityAndThoughts.”

— Nylon Editors


Nylon’s staff had some very kind things to say about Kai too!

“I really didn’t know Kai was this popular. The magazines still need to be edited but a lot of people have already preordered it. Please send me one copy of it because I was the one who styled him that day. It was fun to have a photo shoot with Kai who is good at dancing and also has really good manners. I seriously have become a fan!”

— Nylon Staff


As every fan knows, he’s also very kind and courteous to his hoobaes too. One time he was caught doing a quick shoulder adjustment so that his dongsaeng could get in the shot at Music Bank too.


And even more recently, Kai made Naeun from The Return of Superman fall for him so hard that even her mother admitted that Naeun asked for him after filming had ended.


If all that isn’t proof that Kai is the sweetest and most kind person out there, we don’t know what is!