A Photo Of Super Junior’s Donghae At EXO’s Recent Concert Is Getting A Whole Lot Of Attention For One Reason

Fans want to know if it’s real or simply an optical illusion!

A few days ago, EXO-Ls were already riding on an emotional rollercoaster thanks to Xiumin‘s surprise appearance at EXO‘s EXplOration concert on July 28. But it wasn’t just Xiumin’s sweet surprise appearance that captured everyone’s attention.


On July 28, Super Junior‘s Donghae and Siwon also attended EXO’s concert to cheer on their hoobaes. While EXO-Ls loved the amazing picture they took together after the concert was over, there was one other photo with Donghae that caught fans’ eyes.


As photos of Xiumin had everyone everwhere melting, EXO-Ls soon spotted Donghae sitting beside him. And once he was spotted, one particular photo had everyone doing a double-take.


When fans zoomed in, they noticed something seemed really familiar…


Because it looked like Donghae was holding a phone with the illustration from D.O.’s “That’s Okay”!


While many fans melted over the sight, some fans were a bit confused because based on other photos from the concert, they weren’t 100% sure if that was Donghae’s phone or not. In fact, many fans believe the phone case was really a fan’s and that the camera angle created the illusion that it was Donghae’s!


But Donghae’s phone or fan’s phone, EXO-Ls are absolutely loving the photo as well as the fact that he came out to support his hoobaes!