EXO-Ls Are Warning About An EXO Themed Cafe In Malaysia Believed To Be A Scam

They are worried the cafe is trying to extract personal information from EXO-Ls.

For any EXO-L the thought of a themed EXO cafe sounds like a dream come true. Not too long ago, Malaysian EXO-Ls thought the dream was finally going to become a reality only to find out that it could very well be a scam.


Last month, EXO-Ls were celebrating the news that an EXO themed cafe called Brussette Cafe would be opening up in Kuala Lumpur. The cafe promised to have all sorts of albums, DVDs, and fansite goods on display with lots of good food and games for EXO-Ls to play while there.


With the cafe originally projected to be open at the end of April, many fans are now saying they believe the project to be a scam. Several netizens have noted that the cafe seemed rather suspicious. They’ve been pointing out the problems with the logo and poster designs…


Been feeling rather taken aback at the number of chegs that were originally reported to work there…


And felt very wary of the cafe when they failed to update fans on where the cafe was going to be located and how renovations to the building were coming.


Although fans do not know the reason why the cafe is potentially trying to scam EXO-Ls, some believe it may have to do with the personal information they are getting from resumes. EXO-Ls have been warning everyone about the possible danger.


Cafe Brussette, meanwhile, issued a statement that they would be taking action against those saying their business was fake shortly before deleting all of their social media accounts.

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