EXO Tried Singing With EXO-Ls But It Didn’t Go As Planned

The unexpected results had EXO-Ls and Sehun cracking up hard!

When EXO and EXO-Ls voices come together, it’s a pretty magical thing. So when EXO made a stop in Hong Kong for their EXplOration tour they thought it would be fun to harmonize with EXO-Ls, only things didn’t go quite as expected at first.


During one of their ments, Chanyeol decided that singing a song together would be amazing so he asked EXO-Ls if they would be up for it and received a positive response back. Meanwhile, Chen picked out a song for everyone to sing, “Closer To You”.

Shall we try singing along together? What should we sing!

— Chanyeol


With a song now chosen and EXO-Ls ready to go, Chanyeol started the song off but when he turned the mic towards Eris…well…he got a surprise! The fans in the crowd had all started at a different time creating a completely different sound than what Chanyeol was expecting and his reaction had fans cracking up hard!

What are you guys doing?

— Chanyeol


But you know what they say if at first you don’t succeed try try again. As Sehun started cracking up too, he couldn’t help suggesting that maybe a change of song would help.

Let’s try it with ‘What a Life’ instead!

— Sehun


This time, when Chanyeol began the song EXO-Ls picked it up immediately and left Chanyeol seriously impressed.

Oh! You guys are really good!

— Chanyeol


With “What a Life” successfully completed, Chanyeol had them try “Closer To You” one more time and this time they completely rocked it!


To finish it up, Suho asked fans if they could sing Baekhyun‘s “UN Village” and once again EXO-Ls proved their singing prowess! Chanyeol even thought they sounded like Sehun who had previously been overheard by Chanyeol singing “UN Village” in the car!

Oh-ho! You sounded just like Sehunnie just now!

— Chanyeol


The cute moment shared between EXO-Ls and EXO has been making fans everywhere smile so make sure you check it out in the fancam below: