It’s Been 3 Weeks But Fans Still Can’t Get Over EXO’s Epic Whisper Challenge Game

EXO-Ls can’t stop laughing over their shenanigans.

Whisper game challenges hardly ever really go according to plan, but EXO‘s game went so hilariously wrong that, even weeks later, fans are still laughing out loud over it!


During one episode of I’ll Show You: EXO Arcade, Team A and Team B went head to head to win a tasty snack but even before the game officially started, EXO-Ls got a taste of what was going to come.


And as the game kicked off things only got more…umm…interesting!


Fans funny bones continued to be tickled…


Especially when Kai became very shy about one word…


And completely gave up trying to correctly pass it on to Suho!


And it didn’t matter how long it went on or how many clues they got…


Team A was completely hopeless at the challenge!


But luckily for EXO-Ls, neither was Team B!


At the time, EXO-Ls couldn’t help cracking up over all the hilarious moments in the one game and even though it’s already been 3 weeks since it aired, fans still haven’t completely gotten over it! And it’s really not hard to see why!