EXO Xiumin has adorable interaction with pets during photoshoot

Xiumin was lucky enough to not only do a photoshoot for Grazia, but he also got to play with dogs and cats while doing it.

In the photoshoot for Grazia, Xiumin once again showed his sweet yet handsome side. His photos are set to appear in the January 2017 issue.

After bulking up and his recent mastery of seductive dance, sometimes we forget he is so sweet and pure. Even though he has become more physically masculine over the years, he really has kept his soft, boyish charm.

Not sure who’s cuter, the dog in the scarf or Xiumin playing and smiling at the dog.

Xiumin’s dandy look coupled with the puppy could make anyone swoon.  His classic black suit is spiced up not only by the tie but also the fluffy, white pup. The two really make a classy pair.

Not only is he good with canines, but felines as well. The beautiful cat looks so content laying next to him.

Xiumin’s popularity is on the rise these days and even animals can’t resist him. Even with all of his success, Xiumin seems to have stayed the same kind and loving person.

Watch the full adorable video below!