EXO’s D.O And Xiumin Are Brotherhood Goals

They’re inseparable.

Fans know EXO members to be good friends among themselves, but this little interaction between D.O. and Xiumin caught on camera has them falling for these two all over again.

On Travel the World on EXO’s Ladder Season 2, D.O. playfully called Xiumin by his full name, Kim Minseok, while omitting the term “hyung” for an older male.

Xiumin reacted by playing rough, pushing D.O. away from him.

Other members didn’t mind D.O and Xiumin play fight, as if they are used to seeing these two mess around like this.

After sitting back up, D.O. made sure Xiumin got all his love. D.O. held on to Xiumin’s hand, calling Xiumin “hyung-ah”, an affectionate take of the word “hyung”, and asking Xiumin to stay by his side.

And being a good older brother, Xiumin took a seat by D.O. without a moment of hesitation. When D.O. gestured for him to get closer, Xiumin scooted right up next to his brother.

This big bro – little bro chemistry between D.O. and Xiumin has driven the fans crazy in love! Check out their adorable bonding moment in the full clip below: