These 3 Photos From EXO Xiumin’s Favorites Album On His Phone Reveal The Depth Of His Love For His Members

No one misses EXO performing together more than EXO.

In an interview with 1stLookEXO‘s Xiumin revealed the photos in his “Favorites” album on his phone, and the first three pictures he introduced proved his deep and sincere love for his members.


The first picture Xiumin presented was the picture before the rest of EXO sent him off to the military.

EXO's Xiumin Enlists In The Military | Soompi
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Xiumin admitted that at this time, he struggled to hold back his tears because he knew he would be separated from his members for a while.

I choked up a bit, but I didn’t want to embarass myself so I held back my tears.

— Xiumin

However, looking back, Xiumin realized that while he was emotional, the rest of the members seemed extremely happy in the photo. Of course, his members dearly missed him when he was gone, but at that moment, instead of sending him off in tears, they chose to make their last memory together before he entered the military a joyful one.

Because of COVID-19, Xiumin and D.O. were the ones who had the most members come to see them off, and since there are still members in the military now, this photo is one of the last times EXO was all together, which is why Xiumin and EXO-Ls cherish it so much.

The second picture in his favorites is a picture Xiumin took from the audience at EXO’s The EXplOration concert. It gives his perspective of his surprise attendance at EXO’s concert after his enlistment, leaving every EXO-L in tears.

While he longed to be on stage with his members, watching from the audience was a surreal experience that let him see from a fan’s perspective just how outstanding EXO is, and it’s a memory he never wants to forget.

It was a bit surreal to watch an EXO concert. I wanted to keep this memory in a picture.

— Xiumin

He revealed another picture of his backstage photos with EXO after EXplOration, further cementing just how precious that day was to him. It’s a picture that contains his love for the members and his burning desire to perform on stage with EXO again.

No one misses EXO performing as a whole more than themselves, but as Suho says, if we just wait a little more, we’ll be able to see them perform together soon. That day will no doubt be legendary.


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