This Four Member Group With EXO’s Xiumin Was The Hottest Group In 2015…Even If It Never Existed

Everyone is still waiting for them to debut!

So many great groups were crushing it on stage and off in 2015, but the one group that everyone had heart eyes for never actually existed!


At the end of 2014, Korean netizens were flipping through old photos of their bias groups when they noticed something interesting. Pictures of Hoya


EXO‘s Xiumin




And B1A4‘s Sandeul had something in common.


According to netizens, their looks were somewhat average growing up…


But they blossomed into extremely handsome and sexy men!


Knowing that not only are they all incredibly handsome but talented too, netizens soon started dreaming of a unit made up of these idols. They even had a name picked out “Doojoonese”!

Doojoonese because netizens also thought each of them bore a striking resemblance to one another in their younger pictures and Doojoon is the oldest among them!


Doojoonese became the it boy group of 2015. They were featured on news programs…


Nobody could stop talking about them…


And even a few of the “members” were down for the unit!


But alas, even though it was the biggest group of 2015 and the one everyone wanted to see, it never came to be!

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