Model Han Hye Jin Turned Into A Fangirl When She Saw EXO’s Xiumin On “I Live Alone”

And he wasn’t even in the studio!

Everybody loves EXO‘s Xiumin and it’s really no surprise since he can dance, sing, rap, and act. He’s got fans all around the world and has plenty of fans who are extremely famous too! And one of his biggest fans recently couldn’t help but have a fangirl moment as soon as she spotted Xiumin!


Model Han Hye Jin is a huge fan of Xiumin and has been for a long time now. During the latest episode of I Live Alone, she proved that Xiumin is her ultimate bias in the cutest way possible. From the moment she realized Xiumin’s part was coming up she was super excited…


And when it turned out that only TVXQ‘s Changmin was going to be in the studio with them, she couldn’t help but express her disappointment much to the amusement of everyone there.

“Why didn’t Xiumin come too?”

— Han Hye Jin


But Han Hye Jin didn’t stop there. She couldn’t help but blurt out a couple more things about Xiumin that we all know to be true!

“He’s so manly! He’s a real man!”

— Han Hye Jin


This isn’t the first time that Han Hye Jin has had a fangirl moment over Xiumin. In a different episode of the show in 2016, she admitted she listens to EXO’s music every day and that Xiumin, in particular, made her happy. And during one press conference, she spoke about him once again while expressing her desire to meet him! Which might be why Xiumin gave her a special message during their I Live Alone episode when Changmin brought her up.

“She says she’s my fan but she’s dating Jun Hyun Moo…”

— Xiumin


It looks like Han Hye Jin might be one of the luckiest fangirls alive!


Check out the video here:


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