The Lip Balm Xiumin Used On EXO’s Reality Show Is Completely Sold Out Already

EXO-Ls’ lips are properly moisturized thanks to him

EXO-Ls have done it again!

Since the second episode of EXO’s new reality show Travel the World on EXO’s Ladder aired on Oksusu, EXO-Ls were eager to find out the brand of Xiumin lip balm. You know once EXO-Ls put their minds together, they can get anything done. Within few hours, the fans found out the brand and flavor of the lip balm from the screen capture of the video.

Now, the lip balm has been completely sold out within two days since the episode air, confirming EXO can sell out anything they touch.

Dr. Bronner’s Korea even acknowledge the reason for the sale increase and gave a subtle shout out to EXO using hashtags #loveshot and #nanananananana.

This is not the first time Xiumin has sold out products. Back in March 2018, the cross bag from MLB was sold out as soon as the ad was released. MLB renamed the product description as ‘Acorn Bag’ following how EXO-Ls called the bag among themselves.

The skin care Xiumin used on It’s Dangerous Beyond The Blankets in 2017 was also sold out within a few days since the episode aired. Even the toothpaste he used on the show was sold out from the seller’s website. Many news sites covered the story, calling it the “EXO effect”.


We may never know how EXO-Ls find out everything so fast and accurately, but at least we know every company should use Xiumin as a model if they want to sell something.