EXO’s Xiumin Spotted Looking Absolutely Adorable During His First Days of Training

He just enlisted in the military yesterday, but new photos of him have already surfaced online.

Despite the fact that EXO‘s Xiumin only enlisted in the military yesterday, new photos of the star have already surfaced in online communities.

On May 7, Xiumin enlisted in the military and began his recruit training at a base located in Gangwon Province.

And in the shared photos, Xiumin can be seen sitting amongst other soldiers looking serious and focused while even puffing up his cheeks and looking adorable as ever.

Despite his head being shaven for the military, the photos prove that he’s still looking stunning like the idol that he is and will always be.

Xiumin is the first EXO member to enlist in the military. Ahead of his enlistment, Xiumin held an independent fan meeting in order to say farewell to all those who will miss him.

It’s clear from these photos that despite being gone for a little while, Xiumin will always be an idol no matter where he is or what he’s doing at the time.


Source: Dispatch