Xiumin Did Something Amazing At A Wedding And Netizens Are Falling For Him Hard

Everyone is falling for Xiumin:

EXO‘s Xiumin has attended weddings in the past but EXO-Ls can’t get over just what Xiumin did at the last one he attended.


On March 10th, Xiumin and his family attended the wedding ceremony of one of his relatives. Xiumin posed for lots of pictures with the bride…


But it turned out he also did the same with any guest who asked! One of the guests who was at the event revealed that Xiumin was incredibly nice and polite to everyone.


Although he could have denied requests as he was at his family members wedding, when someone would ask to take a photo together, he didn’t hesitate to do so.


Many of the guests from the wedding have been posting pictures of their encounter with Xiumin and in each one Xiumin is smiling with his fans.


Fans have absolutely fallen in love with all of the pictures and the stories of his kindness at the event.


Some fans have even joked that they want Xiumin to come to their own weddings for some pictures too!


Xiumin really is a sweetheart!