EXO Xiumin Tells Fans The New Nickname He Wants To Be Called From Now On

But we already knew this is exactly what he is.

EXO-CBX went live on Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time radio show and during the program, Xiumin shared what he would prefer to be called by his fans.


As EXO-CBX was introduced and fans began sending in text messages to encourage the members’ successful radio appearance. Chen read a fan message that said, “Squirrels, do your best today!”


Host Choi Hwa Jung questioned why the fan called the EXO-CBX members squirrels, or “daramgee (다람쥐)”, and Baekhyun answered it’s because of their heights.

“Our fans have started calling us daramgees. I think it’s because we’re all so short.” — Baekhyun


Choi Hwa Jung then mentioned EXO’s last visit to the radio station when Xiumin said he enjoyed being called a “fairy” by his fans. She wanted to confirm if he still wants that nickname.


Xiumin answered, “I don’t mind daramgee either.” He insisted his fans refer to him as everything cute.

“It’s cute. It’s true EXO-CBX members are all short and around the same size. Maybe I can be a squirrel fairy.” — Xiumin


And so Xiumin the Squirrel Fairy was born.


Members agreed that when they are interacting with fans, they prefer to be cute and casual, unlike on stage when they are tough and charismatic.

“I think your fans like it when you guys are ‘cute’. Being sexy or masculine is great too, but when interacting with fans, they seem to prefer you to be approachable and casual cute.” — Choi Hwa Jung


Choi Hwa Jung suggested the EXO-CBX squirrels each carry acorns, and the members had a good laugh.


You can watch the adorable squirrel fairy on radio here:

Source: Xports News