EXO’s Xiumin Is Trending Online For A Very Unexpected Reason

Didn’t see that coming!

It’s not uncommon for fans to make EXO‘s Xiumin trend worldwide for everything from fancams to birthdays! While he’s no stranger to receiving a lot of attention and becoming a trending topic online, the most recent reason he’s trending is for a very unexpected reason!


Fans have recently started a new hashtag, #We_Miss_You_Xiumin, and it’s quickly taking over the internet.


But the hashtag wasn’t created to celebrate a viral fancam, a cute moment at a concert, or even something that Xiumin did! Instead, it was actually started because of something Xiumin didn’t do. Or at least hasn’t done in a long time! In reality, Xiumin started trending because fans miss his presence on Instagram!


Xiumin’s last Instagram update was over a month ago…


And fans just want him to come back so they can interact with him! Now excuse me while I go find some tissues!