EXO Xiumin’s Habits On Stage Will Burst Your Heart In Cuteness

“I want to be Xiumin’s mic for a day”

EXO-Ls are noticing EXO Xiumin‘s cutest habits on stage and it proves he is the real-life fairy we all love.


Whenever EXO use a headset microphone on stage, Xiumin is seen always kissing the mic before he starts the performance. First fans thought it was his habits that he did unconsciously or he was simply couldn’t help himself from being cute.


But Xiumin is actually checking the position and space between his lips and the mic. Lucky for us, he prefers to have his mic within the kissing distance from his face. We can see this cute face of Xiumin as long as he wears a headset microphone!

EXO-Ls can’t believe how Xiumin can be cute even when he’s being a professional. Many say they haven’t felt more jealous to an inanimate object.

“I love Xiumin kisses during the mic check”

“I want to be Xiumin’s mic for a day”

You are the cutest Xiumin!!

Source: Instiz