Many EXO-Ls Are Feeling Left Out By EXO’s New Reality Show

It’s not cool!

EXO-Ls living outside of Seoul are sharing their disappointments for being excluded from Oksusu’s Travel the World on EXO’s Ladder.

When the return of EXO’s reality show was announced, international EXO-Ls living overseas already knew they couldn’t enjoy the show with fans living in Korea since the site blocks streaming in overseas countries. They were understandably disappointed for missing out on the chance to see the show in real-time and frustrated to be overlooked by the media platform.

But this time around, it wasn’t only the international EXO-L that felt the exclusion from the show.

On January 8, Oksusu revealed a treasure hunt event that will be held on January 10, between 3pm-10pm. The instruction stated exclusive poster cards and QR code to access messages from the members will be hidden throughout Seoul for the fans to find. 

Although it encouraged all EXO fans to join the fun, the fact that the event was being held on a weekday in Seoul location isolated fans that are living in other provinces. 

“Event Conclusion: Eris who live in Seoul with a lot of time and patience must run around Seoul like Running Man to find light green envelopes”

“What are they thinking… How about those who live in other provinces…? It takes me more than 4 hrs to get to Seoul……?”

It seems like many fans were not happy with the event and didn’t see the need for making fans running around the big city in cold winter temperatures. While they share the disappointments for the show officials, fans wished all of the participating EXO-Ls good luck and hope everyone will be safe in harsh weather condition.

Source: Twitter