EXO-Ls Have A Hilarious Response To Antis Attempts At Starting Fanwars With ARMYs

#EXOLsHACKINGParty is lit!

BTS and EXO have many anti-fans who try their hardest to start fanwars between the two fandoms. Their latest attempt, however, has been met with a whole lot of hilarity from fans.


ARMYs know December 30 as BTS V‘s birthday, and as any K-Pop fan would, they want him to have the best birthday ever. But there’s this nasty rumor floating out around that antis…


Especially EXO-Ls are trying to hack into ARMYs accounts to ruin his birthday

hacking 3


But nobody is falling for the bait. Fans are instead putting an extremely playful twist on the whole situation!

EXO-Ls, in particular, are having a blast! They’ve been tweeting out their own “hacking” suggestions…

That many fans are saying they could get behind if it means we get to see even more amazing content.

Some EXO-Ls are calling for backup in the most extra way…

While other netizens are asking for a little of EXO-Ls hacking wisdom to help them out too!

Meanwhile, ARMYs are loving all the hilarious content being uploaded too!

And although it all started thanks to a vicious rumor, everyone’s having a ton of fun at the party, so much so, that  #EXOLsHACKINGParty is trending worldwide! It looks like the trolls have officially lost!

. . .