EXO-Ls Have A Hilarious Response To Antis Attempts At Starting Fanwars With ARMYs

#EXOLsHACKINGParty is lit!

BTS and EXO have many anti-fans who try their hardest to start fanwars between the two fandoms. Their latest attempt, however, has been met with a whole lot of hilarity from fans.


ARMYs know December 30 as BTS V‘s birthday, and as any K-Pop fan would, they want him to have the best birthday ever. But there’s this nasty rumor floating out around that antis…


Especially EXO-Ls are trying to hack into ARMYs accounts to ruin his birthday


But nobody is falling for the bait. Fans are instead putting an extremely playful twist on the whole situation!


EXO-Ls, in particular, are having a blast! They’ve been tweeting out their own “hacking” suggestions…


That many fans are saying they could get behind if it means we get to see even more amazing content.


Some EXO-Ls are calling for backup in the most extra way…


While other netizens are asking for a little of EXO-Ls hacking wisdom to help them out too!


Meanwhile, ARMYs are loving all the hilarious content being uploaded too!


And although it all started thanks to a vicious rumor, everyone’s having a ton of fun at the party, so much so, that  #EXOLsHACKINGParty is trending worldwide! It looks like the trolls have officially lost!