EXO-Ls Are Loving EXO Kai’s Sprout Graphics On The New Reality Show

Adorable Variety Sprout~

Since the first episode of Travel the World On EXO’s Ladder Season 2, EXO-Ls are convinced the crew thinks EXO‘s Kai is adorable. Fans are loving how they are putting a little sprout on Kai’s head and referring to him as “Variety Sprout” for his enthusiasm for the show.

Fans also think it is so cute how staff created a “Mom…” series with captions whenever the members are using the ladder. It is a hilarious and perfect way to capture Kai’s feelings at the time and everyone can’t stop their mommy smile.

It seems like Kai is loving every moment he spent with his members and fans are excited to see more of “Sprout Kai” having more fun.


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