EXO-Ls Are Loving EXO’s Manager Parodying Members’ Instagram Photos

We want to see more!!

Sehun shared a glimpse of his free time in Chile by posting a beautiful photo of him at an aquarium with a Beluga Whale captioned, “Made eye contact”, on his Instagram.

While EXO-Ls were admiring the beauty of the photo, some fans found a different version of the photo shared by EXO’s manager.

The manager’s photo was out of focused and looked very different from Sehun’s euphoric photo. The manager hilariously captioned the photo, “Couldn’t make eye contact”. comparing it to Sehun’s earlier post.

This is not the first time the manager shared a parody photo of EXO members. He also shared a photo taken at the same location as Suho, the previous day.

While Suho looked so good while relaxing under a tree in front of the gorgeous background,

The manager was in an awkward position as if he was in the middle of taking a pose when the photo was taken.

You can see the people in the background are the same so the photos were taken on the same day at the same location.

Fans loved the witty comparison and wondered if Sehun and Suho took the photos badly on purpose to prank their manager.