EXO’s adorable display of affection for NCT proves they’re the best seniors

EXO and NCT show off their close relationship with each other at the Seoul Music Awards and fans couldn’t help but smile at their closeness with one another.

NCT won the New Artist Award at the Seoul Music Awards, and as they proudly went up to accept their award, the EXO members couldn’t help but standing up and lovingly applaud for them. NCT’s leader Taeyong thanked their staff, their manager, their parents and fans for their support.

Upon seeing EXO giving them thumbs up and Baekhyun jokingly pointing at himself to ask for a shoutout in their winning speech, the NCT members couldn’t help but crack up.

NCT members Winwin and Yuta also thanked their Chinese and Japanese fans for their continuous support. Mark added to their speech by thanking all of their international fans as well as their SM Entertainment seniors, receiving loud praise from fans and EXO in particular.

While Suho and Xiumin even happily stood in the back waving their congrats to NCT. Chanyeol even clapped by hitting two beverage bottles against each other, making a louder sound to show his support.

Check out the sweet moment between EXO and NCT on video below!