EXO’s Baekhyun Really Wants Sehun To Get His Medical Checkup And It’s Very Sweet

Let’s get it done, Sehun!

EXO-Ls are noticing EXO Baekhyun’s continuous concern for Sehun not receiving a medical checkup. Fans think Baekhyun is such a good Hyung for taking care of his younger brother’s health while asking Sehun to get his checkup right away for his worrisome brother.

Back in October 2018, Baekhyun asked Sehun if he was going to the medical check-up in the middle of the game streaming segment.

“Hey, are you getting the checkup?”


“On 22nd”

“I have a schedule on 22nd”


Then, on the ElyXiOn Dot Live Album, Baekhyun asked sehun if he had gotten his medical checkup yet which Sehun answered he is planning to go next year.

It seems like that wasn’t a good enough answer for Baekhyun, because he asked the same question on the EXO-L Japan Official Book. When Sehun was asking for Baekhyun’s happiest moment in life, the only thing in Baekhyun’s mind was if his little brother had his medical checkup or not.

EXO-Ls think Baekhyun is so thoughtful and sweet for relentlessly asking Sehun to get his checkup. Some are worried if there is any reason for Baekhyun’s sudden interest in Sehun’s health.

Well, we are hoping Sehun will go visit the doctor for his medical checkups ASAP so Baekhyun and all of EXO-Ls can rest easy. Stay healthy!!