EXO’s Baekhyun Shares What He Learned At SM During His Trainee Days And It’s Not What You Think

A true ‘million seller’ idol.

EXO’s Baekhyun made a special appearance on episode 61 of tvN’s You Quiz on the Block and talked about his relationship with fans and advice he would give to those dreaming to become an idol. He also talked about some of the main things he learned as a rookie at SM Entertainment.

In terms of his relationship with fans, he admits that in the beginning it was hard to interact with fans as everything was new to him. Now, many years later, he feels that he has become more like friends with his fans and that they have truly grown up together.

He felt that if he distanced himself from his fans, it would make the fans sad, so he decided to be more personable and real when interacting with them.

In terms of idol trainees and those dreaming of becoming an idol, he recognizes the hardships and challenges that comes with it and wants to continue supporting their dreams and aspirations as a senior in the K-Pop industry.

When asked about his training from his trainee days, he revealed two main things he remembers from that time.

“You must greet and bow to others well.” In Korean culture, greeting and bowing well is seen as a sign of respect and someone with a good personality.

He remembers that they had to greet seniors and other people they met with the loudest voice that they could make so that they could leave a good impression.

Another thing he remembers being trained on was that the more popular they got that there would more people trying to scam them.

His company told them to always be cautious of people and if you weren’t sure to come and ask a company representative for help.

Watch the highlights from this episode below!