EXO’s D.O. Borrows Sehun’s Instagram Live To Thank EXO-Ls And Proved He Had No Idea How It Works

Never change D.O.! Happy Birthday!!

EXO’s D.O. shared sweet ‘thank you’ message with fans on Sehun’s Instagram Live for all birthday wishes and looked so cute because he didn’t know how the system worked.

January 12, 2019, marks D.O.’s 26th birthday and fans celebrated his special day in many ways.

EXO’s Birthday Boy D.O. Dominates The Worldwide Trending Topics Thanks To EXO-Ls

It seems like D.O. wanted to thank his fans for their sweet birthday wishes and he needed Sehun’s help to do so.

D.O. and Sehun appeared on Sehun’s Instagram live at 7 AM and surprised fans with short and sweet greetings to share their gratitude.

However, fans thought it was funnier to see D.O.’s struggle to understand how Instagram Live worked. D.O. began to speak as soon as the camera was on and Sehun had to stop him several times to wait for more fans to join.

D.O. was lost as he stared into the camera with his eyes blinking and was amazed to see all of the fans joining the Live stream and was surprised to see more than 20,400 fans have gathered within 30 secs.

you’re the gift that keeps on giving D.O.! Never Change!