EXO’s Chanyeol Shares How D.O. Spent His Vacation

EXO–Ls are happy with Chanyeol’s news.

Ever since EXO’s D.O. went on military enlistment this July, EXO-Ls have been missing him and seeing him together with  Chanyeol. The two of them make quite a fun team together!

This tweet about D.O. and Chanyeol hanging out together got EXO-Ls excited and as a result, #Chansoo trended just like that.

I asked for a spoiler on the album and he said no at first, but then told me, “Obsession! Obsession!” LOLOL. And when I asked about members who are away on military duties, he said he saw D.O. when he was out on vacation. They hung out at the studio and ate.


EXO–Ls are feeling soft over D.O.’s spending time with Chanyeol on his vacation. It is touching how close they are as friends.

EXO-Ls share how much they miss seeing these two together and how happy they are that the two had an opportunity to hang out.

Here’s hoping they get more opportunities to have fun together!