EXO’s Chen, Chanyeol, Kai And Sehun Show Their Support For Baekhyun’s “Candy” In The Most Heartwarming Way

A member’s achievement is the whole group’s achievement: “we are one”, remember?

EXO-L are thankful for June 07 because they were lovingly spoiled by EXO members all throughout the day.

First, they were very pleased to see Chanyeol visiting Baekhyun and giving him his favorite plant and a bouquet of flowers.

Since D.OXiumin and Suho are currently enlisted in the military, OT9 supporters of the group also happily pointed out that Lay liked Chanyeol’s picture with Baekhyun that he posted on Instagram.

Kai followed after Chanyeol and even took a selfie with him as they both showed their support for Baekhyun’s solo promotions.

To add the icing on top of the cake, Baekhyun’s “Candy” also received its third win for today…

…and fans were pleasantly surprised to see Chanyeol, Kai, Sehun

…and even Chen

…join Baekhyun in celebrating his song’s third win!

Naturally, EXO-L couldn’t contain their happiness and expressed how much they loved the whole brotherhood of EXO all over Twitter.

Congratulations on your third win, Baekhyun!