EXO’s Chen Impresses Fans With What He Did While Filming “Beautiful Goodbye” MV

We can’t get his song out of our heads.

On April 1, EXO’s Chen released his first solo album “April, and a flower” and dropped the MV of his song “Beautiful Goodbye“.

The song talks about the end of a relationship in a poetic manner, and the video matches the lyrics perfectly, situating Chen in a beautiful but desolate place.

What surprised his fans the most was that the EXO member sang “Beautiful Goodbye” live for the whole duration of the MV’s filming, proving that he is the king of live vocals.

But besides Chen’s incredible vocals and the MV’s beautiful photography fans are also fawning over the singer’s big heart and sweet behaviour with the filming crew.

According to Naver, Chen worried about the condition of the staff, pianist and dancers that accompanied him while shooting the MV, mostly because it was filmed for 6 hours in a very cold weather.

He later expressed his appreciation for every member of the crew that made the recording of his video possible.


Don’t forget to check Chen’s new solo song here.



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