EXO’s Chen Reveals The Reality Behind His High Notes And The Damage It’s Done To Him

Lots of work goes into those couple of seconds.

EXO‘s Chen‘s high notes are one of the most iconic aspects of EXO songs.

In an episode of Radio Star, Chen revealed how difficult those high notes can be. Chen has always been assigned high notes on EXO songs, even when they debuted.

The whole process of performing on stage is difficult. For music programs, groups have to wake up extremely early to go do makeup and rehearsals.

Having to wake up early, do rehearsals, then doing the actual performance can be an exhausting task. Chen reveals that he was always exhausted during choreographies, but still had to focus on his high note parts.

The high notes are usually near the end of the song, so Chen always had to dance most of the choreography before even getting to his part.

Hitting high notes in those tough conditions caused some damage to Chen’s throat throughout his career.

Here is the full video below!