EXO’s D.O. Broke A Huge Record In The Philippines With His Drama “100 Days My Prince”

We stan a king.

EXO‘s D.O. is a certified celebrity even in the Philippines!

His TvN drama 100 Days My Prince aired in Korea in 2018 and was finally brought to Philippine television a year later.

It was dubbed on national Philippine television through the channel ABS-CBN from October 7 to November 22, 2019.

The show was received well in the country, and it just broke its record of all-time highest ratings!

It hit 18.2% ratings nationwide, of which 15.1% was from Metro Manila, 16.4% from urban areas, and 20% from the provinces.

This made 100 Days My Prince the highest rated drama in its time slot. The November 14 episode was viewed around 18 million times out of the 108 million citizens in the country.

Pinoy EXO-Ls were understandably proud. They could not stop gushing over his achievement.

They loved how Filipinos have finally seen D.O.’s acting and heard Chen’s vocals, stating how the members deserve their success.

This is not the first time the drama broke records, being the fifth highest rated drama in Korean cable television history.

100 Days My Prince is a historical drama that follows Lee Yul (D.O.) who becomes smitten with Yi Seo (Nam Jihyun) as kids when she courageously confronts him.

One night, Yi Seo’s father is murdered by the men who were ordered by Lee Yul’s father, with the story picking up 10 years later.