Here’s The Touching Reason Why EXO’s Kai Was Able To Read Fan Letters Without Crying During Peaches Countdown Live

His fans mean a lot to him!

The members of EXO have said before that Kai, along with Sehun, is the most soft-hearted member of the group.

Case in point, last year, Kai held a countdown live for the release of his first solo album, KAI, and when he started reading fan letters, he became overwhelmed by emotion and was unable to hold back tears. It was a touching moment that showed just how genuine and humble he is, and it allowed fans to connect with him on a deeper level.

KAI: The Opening Live | EXO/VLIVE

Kai has now dropped his second solo album, Peaches, and he did another countdown live for its release. He once again read some heartwarming letters from his fans and joked about how everyone was probably expecting him to cry again, but that he is now stronger than he was last year.

Kai Countdown Live for Peaches | EXO/Youtube

After reading a letter from a fan he met on the variety show Honeymoon Tavern, Kai, feeling wistful about the memory, paused to reassure viewers that he wasn’t crying (it was the light and his nose was runny!), even though it certainly looked like he was feeling slightly emotional.

He was able to finish reading the letters calmly, and then went on to explain why he was able to successfully read his fans’ touching words without shedding tears this time. The reason: he has been reading a lot of fan messages since his debut!

Perhaps on his first countdown he was overwhelmed by the warm messages because he had not expected them, but after spending time reading what the fans have to say he came to this second countdown fully prepared. Kai has been paying attention to EXO-Ls’ encouraging messages over the past year and, as a result, he is more confident now. Fans will surely feel even more connected with him because of this, knowing that he regularly reads their words and takes them to heart.

Kai eventually ended the live with one final joke, saying, “I will be off now. Sad, right? Because I didn’t cry.”

While it was extremely touching to see his humility when he broke down in tears during the countdown live for his first album, it’s also nice to see how much he’s grown in confidence since then—and therefore how much he has grown as an artist. Especially when the positive messages from his fans seem to have played such an important part in that growth! Congratulations to Kai on his solo comeback!

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch the MV for “Peaches” below.